Thursday, May 19, 2011

2010 BENELLI TNT CAFE Racer 899

First apparent at the 2009 EICMA appearance in Milan, the 2010 BENELLI TNT CAFE Racer 899 Arrives from Benelli 2010 is now authoritative its admission on the British market. The new 899cc archetypal has bistro racer looks and an in-line three-cylinder motor, aloof like its bigger sibling, the TnT 1130 Bistro Racer.

The 899 agent has a ability achievement of 120bhp, a new cylinderhead, pistons, cams and new agitation mapping for smoother ability commitment and bigger low acceleration burke control. Other apparatus accommodate gold Marzocchi advanced forks, 320mm Brembo advanced anchor discs.

The Benelli TnT 899 Bistro Racer carries 4.23 gallons of fuel, which brings its barrier weight up from 438lbs (199kg) to 454lbs (206kg).When designing the 899 Bistro Racer, Benelli anticipation of abbreviation the bulk of apparatus and costs.

BENELLI TNT RACER 899 Arrives Cafe Rear rims

The architecture of the windshield is simple, as is the apparatus console which is housed in a cheaper artificial panel. It is army on a animate subframe instead of one fabricated of aluminum. The handlebars on the 899 are additionally fabricated of animate rather than aluminum. Benelli alone offers the 899 in atramentous and the 899 S in orange paint. The 899 S gets a carbon fibre advanced mudguard and a beautiful ancillary console additionally in carbon fibre.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mio Modifications Trendy

By custom, creations Herry Matic on Jl. Ciputat Raya, No. 15, South Jakarta, was adopted almost perfect flow of low rider. Especially in the sector and the legs are glued components. Darling had failed to get perfect score because the condition of the body that still maintained the standard "That I will admit that because chasing contezt, so baseball could change the body. Got my mind must be enlarged or wide body," said Herry Hartanto, modifier and owner of this skubek 2007.

This makes the harmonization to be less satisfied. Just be advised that large feet and very long stretch Mio loaded onto a small body. Celebration, yes less so right, Bro!Yet for the last legs, Herry've done a pretty ciamik alteration. Combination of 5-inch wide rim on the front and 8 inches in the rear. rear axle was made down to 40 cm. "It is deliberately made long retreat to reinforce the impression that low rider," said the man was 21 years.
For wheels, Herry also managed to make front and rear combination sepatbor appropriate. "The model works by myself, but little affected in the HD model," he continued.
All had received as a finishing layer of chrome. Well, the more okay dong. Including the exhaust pipe which has also been constrained tall.

"Shark-style model, all of them accidentally let memorable chromated blink-blink," continued this bachelor. A convenient excuse for low rider theme like this.

Once the election is also steering handlebar stem alias. Although the use of Ninja but after dicustom, its application seems appropriate at this flow.

While the body is only done themed airbrush flames. "Next time made an appropriate body with the legs," said Herry is ready and open for entries received better results.


Front rim: Custom 5x14 inches
Tire front: 140/60-14 Tire Deli
Rear rim: Custom 8x14 inches
Rear tire: 165/60-14 Hankook
Sok back: YSS
Handlebar: Kawasaki Ninja
Lighting: Custom
Exhaust: Custom

Modification Suzuki Satria FU 150’ Street Fighter


Ginanjar, the resident liver Padamara Purbalingga a choice to focus on changes in relation to upgrade besutan fiberwork daily shuttle to school. Problem is not the overall design of the builder Mugi dipasrahkan Eling, hanging out with a label addressed Ui Evolution Custom home modifications.

Bodykit custom designs generally make Satria FU 150 lansiran performance in 2006 became heavier. But more importantly, present the forms belonging to the cover-body nyeleneh. What is it?. "From the front bodywork which stuck close to the bottom plate to cover the telescopic self-discs, including the side, airscoop and the stern area that looks more gambot," said student SMUN I Padamara this. The more interesting, the connection between the media Bodykit assembled with nut-bolts. So do not converge. The more refreshed, finish painted in white paint combination that gives iamge elegant blue.

"Kan emphasize that the changes made," proudly Ginanjar, also joined in otomania Purbalingga Out Sider (SID) and add the most funky kudabesinya at the school.

Modifications Motor

This V-Rod based custom motorcycle by French Custom Builder Bertrand Dubet is a eyes of a avant-garde two wheeler built-in from the abundant architecture appearance affected by a CAD software program. However, Bertrand, of course, goes above from alone bearing the eye communicable and bright agenda renderings to catechumen the basal abstraction into a achievable yet reliable apparatus that pleases the onlookers. This X-Rod Custom Sport archetypal in abounding rolling anatomy appearance animate anatomy with address swing-arm bureaucracy at a reasonable 38-degree rake, carbon cilia gas catchbasin and fenders, 24” bench acme and 68″ wheelbase. Wheels of the bike are 3.5″ x 18 upfront and 3.5″ x 18 at the rear and there is PM 6-piston anchor at the advanced and PM 4-piston at the rear. Its powertrain is banal VRSC 69″ agent that cyberbanking consecutive anchorage ammunition bang with a 11.3:1 compression arrangement bearing 80 ft at 7000 rpm. This bike will aphorism the roost at the AMD World Championship of Bike Building area this bike will be displayed in August this year.

Monday, May 9, 2011

New Guzzi V7 Racer Spesifications

The production version looks the same as last year’s concept, it appears to only change its name. The motorcycle features a leather strapped chrome tank created using what Moto Guzzi calls an innovative metal particle deposition technology. The red frame was inspired by the earlier V7 Classic models, and is paired with the matching red hubs and swingarm. Technically, the V7 Racer is similar to the V7 Cafe. 

At the heart of the machine is a 744cc 90-degree V-Twin engine which delivers a slightly disappointing 49hp at 6800 rpm and 40 ft-lb of torque at 3600. Suspension is provided by a 40mm Marzocchi front fork and fully adjustable Bitubo rear shocks. The braking system comes from Brembo, which uses a 320mm disc at the front and a 260mm disc at the back.
Along with the 2011 Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200, Piaggio Group unveiled another bike, the
 2011 Moto Guzzi V7 Racer

The model pays homage to the classic V7 Sport race bike of the ’70s. The V7 Clubman Racer was initially announced at EICMA show as a 2010 production model but Moto Guzzi’s parent company later said it was a mistake. Well, there’s no mistake this time, the bike enters production as alimited edition model.

Pusar 135cc in Indonesia

Bajaj seems to be serious to sell sport bike in Indonesian market. After being success selling 200 CC and 180cc, Bajaj Auto Indonesia now bring it’s 135cc variant to enter Indonesian market. 135cc class sport bike is not usual in Indonesia. None of Japanese manufacturer selling sport bike with 135cc engine, but always 125, 150, 160, and 200cc like Suzuki Thunder, Yamaha Vixion, Honda Mega Pro, and Honda Tiger. Below are it’s specification for you to consider whether it’s qualified enough to buy..

Features ::
* Bikini headlight faring, LED tail lamps, clip on handle bar, split seats, split grab rail, single down tube frame

* ExhausTEC (Torque Expansion Chamber)* technology for the exhaust technology.
* 4 Valve DTS-i, 135cc, 13.5Ps
* 5 speed gearbox
* 5 spoke alloy wheels
* LED tail lamps
* Electric start with auto choke

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Recumbent Motorcycle at Znug Design

This recumbent motorcycle looks like it has been strongly influenced by the Japanese movie Akira. These renderings are very cool but since I do not read Japanese I can't tell you anything about it. From the looks of it, it appears to be powered by an electric motor, which could be the cylindrical object behind the front wheel, there are also no obvious exhaust pipes anywhere.

If any of our Japanese readers or anyone else who can read Japanese cares to elaborate on the writings from the site, please do.

If someone designs and builds a functional electric motorcycle like this, I'm in.

Thanks to Bob Horn for the tip!

Car Engine Modifications

When you buy a new car or a pre-owned car, in some points, you do not know how strong and fast the car is. You can always try and ask before you purchase it, but it is usual that certain types of cars have certain level of strength and speed. If you are one of the person that like to express yourself when you are driving, or need to have a car with a stronger machine, it is time for you to get a car engine modification.

Car engine modification is one way to pimp out your car. Once you change replace the engine with different capability, your car will turn to a fast modified car. Besides, by modifying your car engine, you can just improve the car performance to be a better one. It might be the sound that bothers you so much, so once you change it, the sound will not be a problem anymore. Moreover, you may want to change your car engine due to its pollution, because there is lot of cases that cars engine produce so much smog that disturbs the health of environment. The other thing that people really care about is the capability of the engine to use too much fuel. That is certainly not good for your budget.

Referense Wheels And Tire

Wheels and tires are two parts that can not be separated. In the world of modifications, wheel and tire size is very influential on the appearance of a car, but outside of it, keep in mind, too great a measure of both greatly affect the comfort factor while driving.
Therefore, when changing wheels and tires can not be arbitrary, there are many things which should be noted that there are no regrets in the future when it mencangkoknya ditunggangan favorite.

Combination Wheels Size And Tires
Recommendations from the car manufacturers can change a car wheel size without reducing the performance of the engine and the driving comfort is the maximum level 2 (+ 2) of the standard size can be from the factory. But in the modification of a car can change the size up to 4 levels peleknya (+4) over the standard wheel size without the need to make changes to the car body.

Of course change the size of wheels with a larger (up-size) should be followed by the turn of the right tire size so it will not be happen gesrot symptoms or fixed to the body in the car or the car fender.

Effect of Changing Tire and Rim Size
Many people ask, whether there is influence or effect if it has changed the wheel and tire size? .. The benefits of making changes and tire rim size so much of which is handling the response for the better car when changing direction or maneuver, because the tire contact area with the road surface becomes wider, making traction a tire larger than a car’s appearance becomes more catchy.
But the weakness of the up-size wheels and tires replaced with a thinner profile and the width will slightly reduce the damping force cars to the road surface is uneven and a little more noise (noise road) due to the tire contact with road surfaces became greater.